Parle Magazine Interviews Dee Dee M. Scott

02/28/2015 09:21

Dee Dee was recently interviewed on Parle Magazine. Click the link below to vist Parle Magazine to read the article and please like Parle Magazine on Facebook and Twitter.

Dee Dee interviewed by: SCNOW;The Florence Morning News

03/18/2014 13:27






Dee Dee was recently interviewed on SCNOW. Read the article below or click the link to the article.

ROBYN MCNEIL, Special to the Morning News

FLORENCE, S.C. — Author, playwright and screenwriter Dee Dee M. Scott will explore the importance of “forgiveness and letting go” and its impact on families when she tours her latest stage play, “You Reap What You Sow.”

Scott, a Florence native, will present productions of the stage play in Sumter, Camden and Columbia as well as Lexington, N.C.

Beginning in May, two shows will be held at the Patriot Hall in Sumter.

The next show will be June 15 at the Lexington Center in Lexington.

Specific dates for the Sumter show as well as those for Camden and Columbia are still pending.

“You Reap What You Sow” is about a couple who appear to have a perfect union. The wife made a vow to God that she promised to keep when she married her husband.

Ten years later, she believes all is well in their marriage until she discovers a secret about her husband that threatens their seemingly ideal life.

The production has toured the Town Theater in Columbia, Francis Marion University, the Columbia Museum of Art and other venues.

Scott won the Golden Pen Playwright Award in 2012 for her first stage play, “My Husband’s Women,” which was based on her novel of the same name.

Scott has authored four other books: “Virgin,” “Sent from Heaven,” “Sent from Heaven 2” and “Lake House.”

“Lake House” is being adapted into what will be Scott’s first film. It is scheduled to be released in select theaters late this year.

Scott said she draws her inspirations as an author and playwright from God.

“He gave me a gift and the talent,” Scott said. “That is the only way I can explain it. The stories that I write are so complex that sometimes, I am in awe. The people, their personalities and their stories come to me, and I have to get it out.”

Scott also wants to venture into television production and writing.

“I refused to be placed in a box,” Scott said. “I also learned a long time ago to see myself, not according to man’s standards, but the way God saw me. Because of that, I know that with him, I can do all things and that the purpose that he created me for will be completed.”

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Author Dee Dee M Scott Interviewed on Younique Magazine

12/17/2013 13:53 out this interview with Dee Dee on Digital Books today!
Team AP
Posted by Publicist Monica Wilson
Check out this interview with Dee Dee on Digital Books today!
Team AP
Posted by Publicist Monica Wilson
Check out this interview with Dee Dee on Digital Books today!
Team AP
Posted by Publicist Monica Wilson
Check out this interview with Dee Dee on Digital Books today!
Team AP
Posted by Publicist Monica Wilson
Dee Dee was recently interviewed on Younique Magaine. Click the link below to read more:


Dee Dee was recently interviewd on Digital Books today. Click the link beow to read:


Dee Dee was recently interviewed on Freshfiction. Click the link below to read:


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Author Dee Dee M. Scott Interview In, Bronze Magazine In the: Womens Trailblazers Issue

03/15/2013 09:22

 Dee Dee recently was interviewed by Bronze Magazine and is featured in the March/ April edition in the: Women Trailblazers Issue. Read her interview at the

Author Dee Dee M. Scott Interview on Miss Millennia Magazine!

01/29/2013 01:26

Written by Alexandra Simon

I’d like to introduce Dee Dee Scott — playwright, author, and entrepreneur. I learned about the talents of Dee Dee earlier this month, and was very impressed with what she has accomplished in her writing career. Read her interview below:

What inspired you to become a playwright and author?

Writing is what I have always done since I was six. I decided to become a playwright because I knew the characters that I had written needed to come alive on stage. I wanted the stories to be visual. When a fan wrote me a letter saying how much the book had touched her, it really pushed me to move forward with the production, My Husband’s Woman.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud that I didn’t let anything stop me or stand in my way. I found a way to make it work. No matter how many rejections I faced, I didn’t give up. I am also proud that, through my companies’, actors and writers who may have never been seen nor had the opportunities to showcase their talents, get to do so.

Who has impacted you the most in your career and how?

My Husband. He believed in me from the start and he supported me in every way. He worked hard so that I could live my dreams. If you find that one person who loves and believes in you unconditionally, that’s all you really need.

What is your personal mission statement?

The limit is not the sky; the limit is higher than the sky. I firmly believe that you should not limit or put yourself in a box, and that you should not let anyone else do it either. If you want something and have the drive, you should go after it period.

What would be your inspirational message to young women who are struggling to fulfill their dream?

Don’t give up. People will criticize you and come against you. Let your positive energy carry you on, and use the negative energy to motivate you. Even a battery has a negative and positive post. It takes both to make a car run. Focus on improving yourself and being the best person that you can be. Write down your goals and take steps everyday to reach them. Study and perfect your talent. Be patient. Remember that nothing happens overnight and if it does, it lacks foundation. You also have to follow your own path and stay focused on it. Just because something didn’t work for someone else doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. And if you do happen to fall, don’t stay there. Dust yourself off and get back up.

How would you handle sensitive writers who question every edit you make?

I would tell them that the only way to be the best is to have someone honest critique their work and help them to make it as strong as possible. If they are unwilling to change things, they may never reach the level of success they dream of.

Besides creative writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I love spending time with my family. We are very close and they are my biggest support system. I also love yoga and meditating on the word of Jehovah God and my Lord and savior Jesus Christ too. I am all about being beautiful from the inside out. If my spiritual man is out of order, so am I.

What advice would you give to women interested in becoming a self-published author and entrepreneur?

Follow your dreams. There will be people who will tell you that what you have is not good enough. They will tell you that what you want to do can’t be done, or that you need to stick to what you’re doing. They may tell you the time is not right for what you want to introduce. But if you have a talent, it will override everything. I would also tell them to never stop studying. Get as much information as you can on self-publishing or the field that you want to be in. Become an expert.

What do you love most about your profession?

The creative freedom to do what I love and being able to help others who are talented achieve their dreams. I know how it feels to have a talent and be rejected. If someone comes to me and have the talent and the drive, I do my best to help them. I firmly believe that you should not be stingy with your knowledge, or hold back someone who is hungry and destined to succeed. If you do, you will only block yourself.

Where do you see yourself five years from now in your career?

I see my films, stage plays and publishing company reaching a broader audience. I see myself having my own television network and helping a lot of people make their dreams come to past.

Anything else you would like us to add?

I just want to let everyone know, that if I can do it, so can they. Believe in yourself and stay focused on your goals. Never place yourself in a box and don’t allow anyone else to do it either.

You can buy Dee Dee’s book My Husband’s Woman here.












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