Sent From Heaven

02/16/2013 11:40

Sent From Heaven, new book by Dee Dee M.Scott slated to be released: April 01, 2013.


Best-selling romance author Maya Akins’ life is far different from the characters she creates in her novels. Left to raise a baby without the assistance of the married father, she has given up on finding a prince on a white horse to rescue her.

 Cardiologist and single father Ford Walker is all work and no play. He has dedicated his life to work and raising his daughter. When Ford becomes Maya’s cardiologist, he is instantly smitten with her.

Sparks fly and the passion’s hot as ever between them. But just when Ford thinks he has finally found Ms. Right, and Maya thinks she’s found her prince, a devastating secret is revealed that will rock the core of their relationship. Will their bond survive the terrible secret? Or will Ford end up alone and Maya princeless?

Pre-order in March

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